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    White Wine

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    Longchamps Blanc 75cl

    4.200 BHD

    Adet Sancerre 75cl

    8.000 BHD 22.500 BHD
    Sancerre is the home of Sauvignon Blanc

    Longchamps Bordeaux Blanc 75cl

    4.500 BHD 7.600 BHD

    Lamothe Parrot Mellow Reserve Blanc 75cl

    2.500 BHD 3.500 BHD

    Les Volets Chardonnay 75 cl

    6.500 BHD

    Le Grand Noir Chardonnay 75 CL

    4.500 BHD 6.500 BHD

    Gavi DOCG Del Comune Di Gavi 75cl

    22.400 BHD
    variety Cortese

    White Wine