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    Bear Beer 12% Can 50cl

    14.000 BHD 16.800 BHD
    Full bodied, full flavoured and full strength!

    Bavaria Beer 8.6% Can 50cl

    12.000 BHD 16.400 BHD

    Bear Bear 5% Can 50cl

    9.000 BHD 12.000 BHD
    A great party beer - easy drinking and at a great price! 2 Cases

    Cruise Beer 12% Can 50cl

    14.000 BHD
    Superb taste and quality

    Bavaria Beer 5% Can 50cl

    12.800 BHD
    Has a beautifully balanced full flavour that is very refreshing.

    Royal Dutch Ultra Strong Beer 14% Can 50cl

    17.400 BHD 21.900 BHD
    14% strength lager

    Royal Dutch Mega Strong Beer 16% 50cl Can

    18.200 BHD 23.400 BHD

    Royal Dutch Post Horn Gold 8.5% Can 50cl

    13.500 BHD 16.000 BHD

    Stella Artois Can 33cl

    17.800 BHD

    Burg Beer 8.5% Can 50cl

    10.000 BHD 12.000 BHD

    Cisk Excel 4.2% Can 50cl

    15.000 BHD 16.000 BHD
    Cisk Excel Low-Carbohydrate Lager Beer

    Farson's Blue Label 4.7% Can 44cl

    20.000 BHD
    Classic style smooth-flow ale