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    Sileni Nano Cabernet Sauvignon 18.7cl

    1.000 BHD 3.000 BHD

    Glen Moray 10 YeaR OLD

    29.000 BHD

    Passport whisky 70 cl

    10.000 BHD 14.200 BHD

    Beehive Brandy 1 ltr

    9.000 BHD 10.500 BHD

    Riptide Cabernet Sauvignon 75Cl

    6.300 BHD

    Riptide Chardonnay 75 Cl

    2.500 BHD 6.300 BHD

    Amarula Cream 75cl

    10.800 BHD
    The marula tree, or ‘Sclerocarya Birrea’, only grows in one area on the entire planet – the warm, frost-free regions of subequatorial Africa.

    Calvado Maitre Pierre 70cl

    7.500 BHD
    Shades of apple jam woven into a pattern with tones of dried fruit, wood and vanilla.

    Firestarter Vodka 75cl

    17.200 BHD

    Bear Beer 12% 50 cl (24x1)

    13.500 BHD 16.800 BHD
    Full bodied, full flavoured and full strength - unbeatable strength.

    Las Ninas Organic Bio Merlot 75cl

    7.800 BHD