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    South African Wines

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    Cape Heights Chardonnay 75cl

    4.800 BHD
    Great value Western Cape Chardonnay.

    Cape Heights Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl

    4.800 BHD
    A lovely Western Cape Cabernet!

    Cape Heights Merlot 75cl

    4.800 BHD
    The One-Liner - A bright, juicy, varietal Merlot.

    Cape Heights Sauvignon Blanc 75cl

    4.800 BHD
    A great Sauvignon from the Western Cape.

    Obikwa Merlot

    4.500 BHD

    Libertas Merlot

    3.800 BHD

    Libertas Chardonnay

    3.800 BHD
    A brilliant wine with golden reflections on the nose with roasted almonds and pistachio biscuits. In the mouth a fairly present acidity. A supple wine.

    Wandering Bear Rosè

    3.000 BHD 4.200 BHD

    Libertas Chenin Blanc 75cl

    3.800 BHD

    Nyala Sauvignon Blanc 75cl

    4.200 BHD

    Nyala Cabernet Sauvignon

    4.200 BHD

    Pongracz Rosé Methode Champenoise 75cl

    10.400 BHD
    A South African Cap Classique