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    Japanese Whisky

    Japanese Whisky

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    Special Reserve Suntory 70 ML

    65.100 BHD incl tax
    Suntory Special Reserve.

    Black Nikka Clear Japanese Whisky 70cl

    35.700 BHD incl tax
    Black Nikka Clear Blend

    Black Nikka Rich Blend Japanese Whisky 70cl

    42.000 BHD incl tax
    Smooth, peatless whisky with a delightful aroma and a light finish.

    Black Nikka Deep Blend Japanese Whisky 70cl

    44.100 BHD incl tax

    Sasanokawa Cherry EX

    35.700 BHD incl tax

    Kakubin White Suntory 70cl

    48.300 BHD incl tax
    A classic blended whisky from Suntory

    Suntory Old 70cl

    52.500 BHD incl tax
    Blend Whisky

    Peak Whisky Gyokusendo 72cl

    50.400 BHD incl tax

    White Suntory 64cl

    43.100 BHD incl tax
    The Oldest Name is Japanese Whisky Originated by the Founder Shinjiro Torii.

    Black Nikka Special Japanese Whisky 72cl

    42.000 BHD incl tax

    Peak Whisky Gyokusendo 70cl

    68.250 BHD incl tax
    Aged for over 3 years in oak cask, the nose has a soft refreshing.

    Kirin Fuji Sanroku Whisky 60cl

    33.600 BHD incl tax

    Japanese Whisky