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    Bear Beer 12% Can 50cl

    14.700 BHD incl tax 17.640 BHD incl tax
    Full bodied, full flavoured and full strength!

    Bavaria Beer 8.6% Can 50cl

    12.600 BHD incl tax 17.220 BHD incl tax

    Bear Bear 5% Can 50cl

    9.450 BHD incl tax 12.600 BHD incl tax
    A great party beer - easy drinking and at a great price! 2 Cases

    Bavaria Beer 5% Can 50cl

    13.500 BHD incl tax
    Has a beautifully balanced full flavour that is very refreshing.

    Stella Artois Can 33cl

    18.690 BHD incl tax

    Royal Dutch Ultra Strong Beer 14% Can 50cl

    16.800 BHD incl tax
    14% strength lager

    Royal Dutch Mega Strong Beer 16% 50cl Can

    18.900 BHD incl tax

    Cruise Beer 12% Can 50cl

    14.700 BHD incl tax
    Superb taste and quality

    Royal Dutch Post Horn Gold 8.5% Can 50cl

    14.180 BHD incl tax

    Stella Artois 33cl LNB

    23.940 BHD incl tax

    Hunters Dry Cider Bottle 33cl

    23.100 BHD incl tax

    Hunters Hard Lemon Cider Bottle 33cl

    23.520 BHD incl tax
    Hunters Hard Lemon is a hard cider with an extra zesty twist.