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    The Paddock Chardonnay

    5.600 BHD

    The Paddock Shiraz

    5.600 BHD

    Curious Chardonnay/Sauvignon 75cl

    5.000 BHD 7.000 BHD

    Rude Mechanicals Grenache / Carignan

    4.000 BHD 10.800 BHD

    Marktree Semilion/Sauvignon

    3.500 BHD 6.500 BHD

    Rude Mechanicals Viognier / Pinot Gris

    4.000 BHD 10.800 BHD

    Goldfields Shiraz

    4.600 BHD

    Wondering Chardonnay

    3.000 BHD 5.100 BHD

    Wondering Shiraz PET

    3.000 BHD

    MWC Pinot Noir

    9.800 BHD
    Mc Phersons WINE Co.

    MWC Pinot Gris

    9.800 BHD

    Australian Wines